Tests reveal high levels in water after ‘first flush’ of rain – Orange County Register

The results are in — and they are bad.

Pamela Conti knew bacteria levels after this week’s first rains would be higher than normal, but she wasn’t expecting the samples taken at the rivermouth at San Juan Creek at Doheny Beach and at the Santa Ana River in Huntington Beach to be off the charts, literally.

Both tests, taken on Wednesday morning, Jan 10, after the storm cleared, came back with bacteria results as high as the test will go — levels that reached 24,196 MPN.

The state standard for “MPN,” or the Most Probable Number of bacteria in 100 milliliters of water that public agencies warn is unsafe to exceed? 104.

“It’s insane. … They are all off the chart with bacteria. I haven’t seen anything that bad,” Conti said. “I’ve never gotten every single test come back with super high numbers.”

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