Test your blood glucose level

A glucometer is a small medical device to measure the level of glucose in your blood. The glucometer is also known as blood glucose monitor or accu-check device. You can use this device at your home very easily and get the result in just few seconds. Daily testing of glucose level in the blood helps diabetic patient to maintain the levels of glucose and allow for much more control of diabetes. There are various type of glucometers available in the market and over the internet in your budget price. You can choose the glucometer machine as your convenience.

How does glucometer work:

A glucometer kit has an inbuilt store of enzymes like glucose oxidase or dehydrogenase. The blood glucose monitor kit have test strips. These test strips have the capillary that suck up the reproduced drops of blood.  When a strip containing the drops of blood is inserted into a glucometer slot, the glucose in your blood reacts with enzyme in the strip. Consequently in a few seconds, the glucometer displays the result in mg/dl (milligrams per deciliter).

Latest glucometers are integrated with very good software that helps to record many test results. With the help of latest glucometer you can connect your blood glucose monitor to a computer and save the results or print them out.

Who should use a glucometer:

Monitoring self blood glucose levels using a glucometer at your home is often referred as self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) or home blood glucose monitoring (HBGM). Blood glucose monitor is recommended for people who are suffering from diabetes and insulin dependent patient and patients suffering from low blood glucose level (hypoglycemia).

How to choose a glucometer:

To choose a good accu-check device, you may consider several things like: insurance coverage, budget, ease of operate, testing speed, your vision, user-friendliness, size, memory, language, battery and machine warranty, blood contamination.

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