Template-Free EHR Voted #1 by Doctors at ACP’s AmericanEHR Ratings

Praxis EMR, a leading developer of electronic health records (EMR/EHR) software has received the highest overall ranking by physicians at The American College of Physicians’ EHR Top Ten Rating Program at AmericanEHR Partners.

Praxis EMR swept the 1-3 physician categories of the best rated EHR systems and was the highest ranked EHR, earning number one standings in nine out of twelve categories including Overall Usability, User Satisfaction and Prescribing. Praxis EMR also won first place in Workflow Management, Order Management, Population Management, Support Experience, Training, and Interfaces. This is the fourth consecutive year that Praxis EMR has been named the #1 EHR in User Satisfaction as well as the #1 overall EHR in Overall Usability.

The difference between Praxis and template-based EHR systems is its ability to adapt to a physician’s thinking process. Instead of pre-loaded templates, Praxis uses a Concept Processor, an artificial intelligence (AI) that learns from each user to chart progressively faster and more effectively. While a Physician sees patients, Praxis harnesses a neural-network called a Concept Processor that learns from previous encounters to chart progressively faster and more effectively.

“The problem today is not the EHRs, but rather the templates inside of them,” said Doctor Richard Low, CEO of Praxis EMR. “Praxis is the only template-free EHR and this is why physicians prefer it to other systems. Templates hurt patient encounters because they restrict clinical thinking. Even worse, they turn doctors into data-entry clerks, forcing them to use rigid pick-lists in order to chart. Our colleagues are beginning to understand that an EHR is not a ‘computer thing” or a type written “dead” record, but a powerful medical tool that can help them practice faster, easier, and better medicine….

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