Tello becomes the only 5-star wireless service in the US

Over the past year, Tello has received over 600 reviews from its customers on Trustpilot.

Tello, the most flexible mobile service in the US, is now also the only 5-star wireless provider in this country. Over the past year, Tello has received over 600 reviews from its customers on Trustpilot, a famous review website getting roughly 500,000 genuine testimonials about thousands of businesses each month.

Tello currently has an excellent 9.0 rating and is the only service of its kind in the US with a 5-star rating on Trustpilot. The customers who left a review mostly praise the possibility of building their own plan for a personalized experience at the lowest rates. Tello welcomes all types of users and offers them plans tailored to their needs. Low, average, and high users alike are just as happy with Tello and being actually satisfied with one’s carrier is a rare thing, as many people know.

One customer says ‘The best for any size user from small to large. We came from the now defunct Ring Plus who I said was the greatest at the time. If they reopened their doors tomorrow I would not switch back. We have found a home, hope it lasts. Check out the Pay as you go Plan no top up for 6 months we love it. Bill’

Tello customers also value the company’s outstanding customer service team, real caring people with an answer to every question and a solution to every problem. Or, as a Tello customer puts it, ‘Tello is a surprisingly good company. They have been helpful and when my husband had problems with his phone a couple times they resolved both issues within a day or so. Much better than the bigger, older established phone companies. Hope they will be around for a long time. No complaints at all.’

Another thing customers are highly satisfied with when it comes to Tello is the money they now save on their phone bill: ‘I was not very happy with my carrier when I found Tello, I was paying more than I was using. But after more than 6 months with Tello, I ceased looking for other options. I don’t pay more than I need to, customer service is super kind, there are no extra fees, and above all I can choose the number of minutes, data and texts I need. And I also have Pay As You Go to make international calls’ – Cubanos 11.

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