Teen Inventors of Bottleless Shampoo and Wasteless Urban Composter Win Awards in International Innovation Challenge

Benjamin Stern (Nohbo) & Wasteless Urban Composter Team

The Paradigm Challenge motivates students to collaborate with each other to address serious challenges facing our society.

A Florida teen who invented bottleless shampoo balls and a team of Connecticut teens who invented a wasteless urban composter have tied for 1st Place in the 14-18 age group in The Paradigm Challenge, the world’s largest youth innovation and kindness competition. Students aged 4 to18 from 173 countries participated in this year’s competition, which challenged students to come up with new ideas to reduce waste in homes, schools, communities, and/or around the world.

Benjamin Stern, an 18-year-old from Melbourne, Florida, invented a novel way to package and dispense shampoo without using plastic bottles. Each year in the US alone, almost 1,200 football stadiums worth of shampoo bottle waste flood our oceans and landfills. “This constant buildup of plastic material is incredibly unsustainable, and lethal to the mammals and soil around us,” explained Stern. “It’s disheartening to see this damage done to my home, and I want to help in any way I can. If that is changing an age old industry, so be it.”

Stern’s bottleless shampoo invention, called “Nohbo” balls, has been a significant undertaking, requiring a time commitment and focus unusual for a high school student. Stern’s inventive process has gone through several stages, particularly in preparation for Nohbo’s debut last year on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Stern is passionate about providing youth with opportunities like The Paradigm Challenge. “The Paradigm Challenge inspires students to tackle real world issues, work in groups to solve them, and be…

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