Technology Public Relations: All About Making Connections

The focus of an effective technology public relations program should be about making connections. Be they with customers, journalists, bloggers, analysts, venture capitalists, investment bankers, prospects, government officials, TV producers, doctors, lawyers or Indian chiefs.

A firm with a specialization in technology public relations should know how to connect clients with the aforementioned audiences through a combination of traditional PR and Web-based approaches. Whether it’s contacting a journalist via Facebook, harnessing client resources to comment on blogs, or building content for one-off stories, technology public relations programs strive for ongoing engagement and dialogue

Strategically practiced, technology public relations takes on a wide-ranging role, focused on earning a trusted reputation by acting in the best interests of these publics – not the organization’s own myopic agenda. Social media is the latest expression of relationship building (a two-way model that’s far more inclusive and participative than advertising, which is one-way communications).

Every client is unique and the experienced technology public relations pro understands this and tailors a strategy according to each situation. Whether a client’s goal is to attract investors, build a brand, challenge a competitor, go global, or go public, a sharp technology public relations professional will put together a technology public relations strategy and team that will help that client achieve his objectives.

Let’s take a look at some critical elements of technology public relations strategy:

High Tech Message Development and Delivery

One of the most challenging parts of technology public relations is translating complex or abstract technology into an easily digestible message. Technology public relations pros will work with a client to craft a message that captures the attention of the financial and industry analyst communities, attracts partners, facilitates sales and stimulates…

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