Technical Partnership Between Dibotics and Intempora Opens Up New Opportunities for Autonomous Vehicles

For the autonomous car to become a reality, a number of challenges are still to be solved. Obtaining a real-time high-definition perception of the environment, a precise localization of the vehicle and real-time sensor fusion are three of the main challenges.

Among the key sensors allowing for advanced 3D perception, the LiDAR sensors are becoming key.

To solve these issues and more, Dibotics and Intempora are announcing the start of a technical partnership agreement to deliver a common solution to the engineers working in solving these challenges and that are using LiDAR and more precisely SLAM techniques (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping).

Dibotics’ algorithms have been implemented in the RTMaps framework as a library module and will be showcased during AutoSens (September 18th, 2017 in Brussels, Belgium), both in the Intempora’s and Dibotics’ booths.

A video showing the first results of the integration can be found here:

Dibotics specializes in innovative, real-time LiDAR processing software. Dibotics has created an embedded LiDAR software to provide fast (real-time) and advanced LiDAR data processing, called Augmented LiDARTM.

The Augmented LiDARTM software solves the majority of the perception challenges facing any mobile robot—especially self-driving cars. It does this through precise localization/Ego-Motion, 3D mapping, obstacles detection and tracking, calibration-less sensor fusion and point wise classification (drivable road, road markings, traffic signs, as well as moving & moveable objects).

Unlike traditional approaches, the Augmented LiDARTM only requires data from the LiDAR sensor itself. It does not require additional input from Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs), GPS or wheel encoders. All calculations used in the software are deterministic, requiring no AI or learning.

“RTMaps allows us and our customers to deploy our 3D SLAM and Classification software in a matter of seconds, allowing for a seamless integration with different sensors, multiple software stacks and hardware platforms. The first customers’ feedback of both solutions working together is highly positive. ” – Raul Bravo, CEO and Co-Founder of Dibotics

“The Augmented LiDARTM allows us to fill the most demanding expectations of our customers and partners….

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