Teadora Beauty & The Rainforest Foundation US Partner to Conserve and Restore the Amazon Rainforest

Today, Teadora Beauty (https://www.teadorabeauty.com), a natural hair and skincare brand, is proud to announce an exciting partnership with The Rainforest Foundation US to launch a multi-year collaboration with indigenous groups in Guyana and Brazil to protect, conserve and restore richly bio-diverse and culturally sacred indigenous lands.

The collaboration kicks off in Brazil. This specific area of the Amazon Rainforest is home to many threatened plants and animals including jaguars, giant river otters, and harpy eagles. The area is also the traditional land of the Wapichan people, with whom RF-US has worked closely for many years. This fall we are hosting a learning exchange and planning meeting between Wapichan leaders and environmental monitoring teams in Brazil and Guyana. The meeting will pave the way for continued exchanges and cross-border initiatives/meetings between Teadora, the Rainforest Foundation, and indigenous organizations in Brazil and Guyana.

“We’re honored to be working with an organization like the Rainforest Foundation, who has been inspiring us for years with their work with indigenous peoples to conserve and protect the rainforests of the world,” says Valeria Cole, Brazilian hair and skincare expert and conservationist-founder of Teadora Beauty. She goes on to add that, “There is no path to combat climate change that does not include protecting this resource, and supporting indigenous communities is not just one of the most effective ways to do so, it is the right thing to do.”


Teadora Beauty, a US-based certified B Corporation and Best for the World honoree, is a company that is dedicated to changing the face of the beauty industry through salon and spa-quality skin- and hair-care products that use sustainably-harvested superfruits from the Amazon Rainforest. In turn, Teadora is helping to create a movement where companies, non-profits and consumers work together to create a restorative ecosystem, from plant to consumer, conserving one of the world’s most precious and diverse resources and ensuring it is more valuable standing than cut. This is the fourth project undertaken by the company in the Amazon. All products from Teadora are Made in the US, Vegan, toxin- and…

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