Tax & Entertainment Notables Band Together to Form F-Sharp Tax Management Services

F-Sharp Tax Management Services

The demands of the music industry are hard enough without having to manage the often, multi-state or international tax compliance requirements, with differing arbitrary due dates, thrust upon them, with little to no guidance from the various taxing authorities. We take that burden from our clients.

Notable names from the NYC reality TV and theater, Vegas music and Los Angeles film, as well as personal and small business tax industries, joined talents, banding together to form F-Sharp Tax Management Services. F-Sharp now has offices in each LA, NYC and Vegas, and serves self-employed, freelance and small business entertainment pros in need of specialized, expert tax skills, across the United States.

Personal, expert attention has long been available to high-net worth entrepreneurs, families and corporations, but it has been hard to locate affordable tax professionals skilled in the nuances of the life and work of a freelance professional in the entertainment world, who is often on tour, working in different states and countries, for many different entities, and responsible for keeping track of income and expenses, in order to pay taxes in each location.

F-Sharp takes the questions, time burden and fears of the entire personal taxation process off the shoulders of these professionals, both Americans working domestically and/or abroad and international individuals working and paying tax in the US, allowing them to focus on their creative work, rather than spending time on tax and other compliance requirements.

CPA, Richard M. Prinzi, Jr., music and sales/marketing expert Vincent “Vinny” Galante, Actor’s Taxes founder Marc Bernstein, and tax and small business financing specialist Michael Tedeschi, formed F-Sharp to serve the entertainment and self-employed industries that have been a large influence in their lives, and those of their friends.

“Proper accounting and tax management can add 20 to 30% to the bottom line of a contract, 1099 or loan out professional. Many of our clients have managers or agents that can help get them a better rate or contract, but often charge a percentage of the gross deal. Many times, I can help clients keep more of their earnings, in effect,…

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