Target Archery Grows in Popularity

Target archery is the most common form of archery today. Recreational archers to  Olympic sportspeople spend hours shooting archery bows at targets to master their sport. Target archery divides into two forms, traditional and 3D.  Generally, archers shoot a certain number of arrows over a specific distance into a target with 10 rings. For many years this was much an elite sport but has seen a rise in popularity over recent years. It is tremendous for releasing pent up energy in a stress-free environment. Archery is an explosive sport that brings much satisfaction hitting targets with precision. Archery is practiced indoors or outdoors across the world.

Target Archery

In target archery, targets are set up at points over predetermined distances. The targets have colored rings (gold, red, blue, black and white) and each ring is worth points. Archers shoot their archery bows on command and all collect their arrows from the targets simultaneously. Traditionally, the recurve bow was used but, in recent times, scoring has been added for the use of compound bows.

Most archers start using a recurve bow which has a wooden, aluminum or carbon riser. The Martin Jaguar Recurve bow is one of my favorites.  It’s compact and tough, and has great flexibility of handling for travelling. This slick recurve archery bow has a camouflage finish and awesome strength and balance. There is a huge range of accessories to fit the recurve bow from bow sights and clickers, to pressure buttons and stabilizers.

Field Archery – Adding Terrain to the Target

Field archery is held in undulating terrain and archers move around in groups of four. At each target, the archer stands with their lead foot against a marker and, depending on the competition, they shoot a predetermined distance or have to judge the distance for themselves. Every target presents a different level of challenge using natural obstacles found in the environment.

Archers are not restricted to specific bow types in field…

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