Taming Toys and Craft Supplies

If you have kids, you know their toys and craft supplies can drive you insane.  They seem to multiply over night! You find them in the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, even the car.

Wouldn’t it feel great to feel a sense of control over those toys/crafts once and for all?   

It’s possible to bring order out of chaos.  I’ll help you get started with my 5 strategies for toy sanity.   

1. Reduce the toy/craft inventory.

Not just once but several times a year.  Let’s be honest, your kids probably don’t play with all their toys.  They may even feel just as overwhelmed as you are.  

The best time to purge is before birthdays, Christmas and other gift giving holidays.  It’s impossible to stay organized and live within your home’s limits if you add without subtracting.

Toss broken toys, dried up craft supplies, toys with too many missing parts, and donate or store items they have  outgrown or no longer play with.  Your kids will survive and it’s good to teach them that it’s okay to let go of things and to set limits.

As a last resort, put half of the toys in storage, but only if you have the room, and swap them out every few months.  

Decide on a toy/craft purging date and mark it on your calendar.

2. Sort the remaining toys/crafts.   

This means grouping the similar items together and containing them in clear containers.  Containers with lids work best because they are stackable.  Large items or games may not require a container.  

Now your kids will know where to find their action figures, barbies, markers, colored pencils, dress up clothing, dolls, trucks, etc.   

Measure your spaces to determine container sizes before you head out to the store.

3. Label the containers.  

Simplify clean up time with labeled containers.  Use a written label for older kids and photos as labels for preschoolers.  Don’t hesitate to label shelves if it’s helpful.

Do you have containers that need labeling?

4. Store games, puzzles and craft supplies on high shelves.  

Besides small…

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