TalentQuest Announces a New ‘Voice’ for Immersive Learning Experiences

TalentQuest is pleased to announce that Michael L. Mathews, a world-class resource in technology, education, and immersive experiences has been retained by the company as TalentQuest’s Evangelist of Immersive Experiences. Matthews is a thought leader for immersive (i.e. 3D, AR, VR) experiences and is known widely for his innovative approach. He will be an “evangelistic voice” for TalentQuest in this rapidly evolving industry, and will influence additional cutting-edge immersive solutions for TalentQuest clients. Salesforce’s Chief Digital Evangelist, Vala Afshar, has described Mathews as “The most innovative CIO in America, and a world leader with respect to mixed reality, as he continues to use advanced and emerging technologies to impact the world.”

“TalentQuest’s recent acquisition of PurpleFrame Technologies, a world-wide leader in 3D, augmented and virtual reality, allows us to immediately deploy immersive experiences to our current and future clients. Its potential impact upon corporate success through improved assessment, on-boarding, and training should not be underestimated. It is the next wave of innovation in the corporate market and is a true differentiator for TalentQuest. Like an evangelist, Michael is uniquely qualified to spread this message,” said Frank Merritt, CEO.

“Michael’s experience and innovative approach will help drive TalentQuest’s rapid expansion of our immersive solutions. We are pleased to be associated with a nationally known expert who will help us tell our message. As organizations recognize and embrace the power and promise of mixed reality, the opportunities are boundless,” said Kevin Sessions, President of TalentQuest.

Mathews states, “My early design of an education and career positioning system along with the advancement of mixed reality will…

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