Taking Care of Environment and Water Bodies

There a number of advantages of having a pond at the backyard or around such as an improved landscape, increases the resale value of the property, is environment friendly and much more. However it is imperative to prevent the pond from weeds so that it remains hygienic and beautiful. Weeds in water bodies not only depreciate its appearance and surrounding area but also affect the balance of life inside it that is the flora and the fauna.
Generally, plants developing inside the water bodies are good as due to them the water organisms get food and oxygen. Also the balance of nutrients is maintained and detoxification of harmful chemicals is also achieved. However, the excess of weeds can lead to the misbalance and here is when a Pond Weed Control system is required.

Causes of Excess Weeds

Excess weeds creates a lot of issues for not only the human beings but also affects the water life. It kills the fish or harms them in one or the other ways. Such water cannot be used for any purpose and develop a bad smell and is not at all fit for drinking. Few causes leading to the development of extra weeds are as follows:

• Plain and Shallow water: The presence of clear water increases the photosynthesis and its shallowness adds to the speed which results in excess growth.
• Water containing surplus nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous simplifies the growth of weeds.
• Another reason could be incursion of exotic weeds which is mostly brought by the birds or other animals around.
• There are different types of weeds and some of them are naturally fast replicators resulting in over growth of weeds.

Preventing the Weeds

As well said, “Prevention is better than Cure”. If you have a lake or pond or any other water body around, it is ideal to prevent the weeds from growing. Weeds majorly grow due to excess of nutrients which come in water as a result of fertilizer runoff and soil erosion. Hence if that can be controlled, 50 % of the task is done. Here is what you…

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