Taking Care of Cheap Charms Jewelry

Jewelry doesn’t need to be expensive to make a woman feel good – as long as it’s pretty and makes a statement about her, it’s worth it.  However, even inexpensive jewelry gets dirt, oils, and grime on them and have to be cleaned occasionally.  There are some great ways to take care of these cheap charms that will keep them shiny and pretty so that they can be enjoyed for a long time.

Cleaning the Inexpensive Jewelry

There are several steps to taking care of these lovely cheap charms that will help keep them pretty for a long time:

1.     Mix a solution of a very gentle soap (there are several brands of dishwashing soap that will work quite well, such as Joy) and warm water.

2.     Take a soft cloth and dip it in the soapy solution and use it to gently clean the charms and metal parts.

Note:      Some jewelry is made of very inexpensive metals and should not be exposed to water.  For this type of charms, just use a dry jewelry polishing cloth.

3.     Rinse the soap off the jewelry with warm, clean water.

4.     Dry the jewelry with a clean cotton cloth after thoroughly cleaning it.

Note:      It’s always best to dry the jewelry thoroughly with a clean cotton cloth because leaving it to dry in the air can also cause discoloration, spotting, or rusting if the jewelry is made of inexpensive metals

5.     Once the jewelry is thoroughly cleaned and dried store it in a jewelry pouch if one is available; otherwise, store t in a jewelry box to keep it safe from dust or dirt.

Other General Cleaning Suggestions

One thing that jewelers recommend is to take the jewelry off when doing laundry, washing dishes, or using other household cleaners that could harm or discolor jewelry.  Many chemicals, such as bleach, can damage these lovely little charms, therefore they will last much longer and retain their beautiful looks when they are stored safely away from assorted chemicals.

Liquid jewelry cleaners are also…

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