Take Private Figure Skating Lessons in Thornhill Markham and Vaughan Canada

There are many benefits to taking private figure skating lessons in Thornhill, Markham and Vaughan Canada.  When you take private figure skating lessons coaches can customize lessons to your individual skating needs.  You can also progress through figure skating skills and elements faster then in the usual figure skating clubs and programs.  Therefore it is highly recommended for the development of your figure skating skills to take private figure skating lessons.

Skaters enrolled in group classes and/or private lessons maximize progress they are skating five times a week as compared to once or twice a week.

Research has shown that motor skill development benefits from regular practice to convert short-term muscle memory into automatic muscle and nerve responses essential to all ice skating sports.

Anders Ericsson’s research indicates roughly 10,000 hours of deliberate practice is needed to become an expert for world class/Olympic athletes to reach their skill levels. While this averages out to 20 hours a week for 10 years, I caution parents to factor in the child’s age. Twenty hours a week would be excessive for even teenager basic skill skaters.

Parents should be aware that a rush to progress too fast can ultimately cause delays, frustration, and unnecessary expenses to correct fundamental technical skating errors not corrected at the basic skill stage.

Many elite track skaters will continue to compete additional years past the 10,000 hour/10 year rule in order to gain a place on the Canada world and Olympic team in hockey, speed, and figure skating.

Parents and skaters should not expect to achieve the same results if attending the group class and the skater does not practice between classes. Four days of practice between lessons will result in maximum skill development.

The acquisition of properly fitted skating equipment – boots and blades also contribute to maximizing the achievement of skaters at all skill levels when compared to other skaters who…

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