Taiwanese meditation master visiting Irvine to teach approach to living a life of purpose – Orange County Register

Living life with purpose and fulfillment — that is the topic Master Wu Chueh Miao Tien, the 85th patriarch of the Taiwan-based Chan school of meditation, will tackle during his first U.S. public address, Saturday, July 1, at the Irvine Barclay Theater.

Chan, a spiritual practice that focuses on cultivating inner peace and compassion, is believed to have come to China about 1,500 years ago from India, where it was called “dhyan.” In an interview via Skype from Taipei, Miao Tien said Chan aims to complement and enhance any religious practice, not to replace it.

Chan now has practice and teaching centers in Irvine, Walnut and Torrance, and thousands of practitioners across the country, as well as in Taiwan, Europe, Japan and mainland China.

Miao Tien, 84, spoke to the Register about his message and the essence of Chan practice:

Q: What is the goal of this spiritual practice?

A: The ultimate purpose of practicing Chan is for our spirit to be with God. In the process, through this practice, we are also making our physical body healthy, and our hearts and minds…

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