TAG Named As Top 101 Best And Brightest Companies To Work For In 2017

Jaime Hepp and Team – 2017

“The wise words of modern philosopher Mike Tyson rang in my ears… ‘Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.'” – Jaime Hepp

TAG has been consistently named as a top employer in Orange County, CA by the OC Business Journal. 2017 brought the national spotlight to this thriving, young organization as one of “Best and Brightest Companies” in the United States.

Company President, Jaime Hepp, accepted the award, but he was quick to give all of the credit to the young leaders of the organization. When describing the synergistic culture of TAG, he presented an amazing story of the organization’s experience during California’s largest wildfire.

“We prepared all year long for our annual leadership retreat for 125 of our best leaders, administrators, and owners,” said Jaime Hepp. “It seemed like everything was brilliantly planned, but the wise words of modern philosopher Mike Tyson rang in my ears during the beginning of our event: ‘Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.’ The Thomas Fire started the day before our year end retreat.”

The Thomas Fire is now recorded as the largest wildfire in California’s history – torching over 280,000 acres.

The group was planning on staying in Malibu for the retreat, however, the 100 acre fire in Ventura was starting to rage. Fire, smoke, evacuation orders – these were all things this group was going to have to deal with.

Part of TAG’s culture is drenched with Stephen Covey’s best seller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. TAG employee, Brandon Kuey, described TAG’s culture using Covey’s teachings. “Synergy says that 1+1=3, maybe 4, maybe 1400. None of us are smarter than all of us. It was unbelievable to see how everyone came together and contributed during this crisis.”

Everyone was asked to get back in to their small groups and “synergize” – come up with solutions and alternatives to some of the challenges (regarding physical and emotional safety, evacuation if this was required, drinking and driving, finding alternative places for 125 people to sleep, etc). Everyone’s voices were heard. Everyone’s concerns were heard. Everyone’s opinions counted. When the group returned to talk things through, it became clear…

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