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The Wolseley

“This is my go-to power lunch spot in London. The food is British fare at its best — think salted beef sandwiches, fish and chips and a personal favorite, kedgeree (a mix of haddock and creamy, curried rice topped with a poached egg).” — MALINA JOSEPH GILCHRIST, Style Director, Women’s

Food From Other Countries

“With all due respect to the Brits and their food, my favorite meals in London are ethnic: Mangal 2 for Turkish; Song Que Cafe for Vietnamese (the servers actually speak Vietnamese, which is a good sign); or Tayyabs and Needoo Grill for Indian.” — JASON RIDER, Senior Fashion Editor

The WolseleyCredit

Duke of York Square Saturday Market

“This is a great place to go on Saturday for lunch. Food vendors from all over town set up in Duke of York Square with fresh oysters, dumplings, Pimm’s Cups — anything you’d want. It’s really fun.” — ALEXA BRAZILIAN, Fashion Features Director

Plant-Based Meals — and Pizza

“My boyfriend (who lives in London) is vegetarian, so I’ve tasted my way through the few plant-friendly options, and the best are Uchi (the eggplant nigiri could be confused for eel), Morito (incredible North African/Spanish tapas) and either Towpath Cafe or Toconoco (I think about the cold soba in sesame sauce all the time) for lunch on the canal. Also, surprisingly, London has great pizza: Franco Manca is a reliable local mini-chain, but I love the sourdough variety at the tiny Sodo in Clapton.” — J.R.

Dukes London

“Dukes is one of the most glamorous places to have a drink in London. The Vesper martinis are deadly good.” — A.B.

Left: Duke of York Square. Right: Uchi.CreditRight: Sam A. Harris

Phat Phuc Noodle Bar

“This place is outdoors, basically under a tarp in the middle of fancy Chelsea. It’s run out of an old train car. They only serve pho, and it is delicious and cheap for lunch. A great hangover cure.” — A.B.

The Pig’s Ear and The Surprise

“These two pubs (just a few blocks from one another) are special and not touristy. They’re local hangouts in Chelsea and Sloane Square that are beautiful and hidden — really off the beaten path. I like to order a half pint of cider.” — A.B.

Number SixteenCreditSimon Brown


Number Sixteen

“A great small hotel in Chelsea, which is mostly residential, so you’ll feel more like a local.” — A.B.

The Beaumont

“The Beaumont has the best service of any hotel I’ve stayed in (they coil your phone charger cord with silk…

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