Sushi Robots are Coming to NYC

AUTEC, the nation’s leading provider in commercial robotic sushi machines, will expand its U.S. operations with a showroom in New York. AUTEC plans for the showroom to focus on sustaining the company’s increasing sales growth due to the country’s rising awareness in obesity and quality sushi as it’s solution.

“In the past 10 years, we’ve seen a steady escalation of sushi restaurants in America with an annual average increase of 125%, fueling the country’s ever-growing appetite for sushi,” says Taka Tanaka, AUTEC’s President. “Obesity has been an issue for Americans and we have seen consumers become progressively health conscious over the years. Sushi is now considered a healthy dining option, which we believe to have contributed in the country’s spike of sushi restaurants and cause the industry to focus and care about quality control.”

Sales for AUTEC’s products and services have spanned across the U.S. with a sudden boom on the east coast, prompting the company to choose New York’s Industry City to support their Torrance, California headquarters. “The demand has doubled for our company as word has traveled in the past year from coast to coast that our products reduce operation and labor costs with robots that create consistent and high-quality sushi in par with a trained sushi chef, therefore investment in the area made sense,” explains Tanaka.

The new showroom will feature AUTEC’s entire sushi robot line known for its compact, stylish design and its outstanding production speed of sushi. Highlights include nigiri maker ASM410 that can produce up to 2,400 rice balls per hour and the ASM 865 that can produce up to 1,400 rice sheets per hour for maki (roll type) sushi or sushi burrito. These innovative and…

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