Susan Maccoy, Renowned Cosmetology Expert, Guides Professional Cosmetologists And Tattoo Artists Through The Danger Of Exposure To Hair Dyes While Wearing Tattoos

Susan Maccoy,CFLC Expert Witness:Cosmetology

“Cosmetologists and tattoo artists are in greater danger!” says Maccoy.

Tattoos. They’re everywhere . . . on all body parts, in all social circles. Body art has simultaneously achieved both celebrity and mainstream status.

Today, more than 45 million Americans sport at least one tattoo. And for a large percentage of people with tattoos, they also engage in salon treatments involving Hair dyes . . . and are unknowingly putting their health at risk.

“It’s the health hazard no one is talking about,” says nationally-renown cosmetology professional and legal expert witness Susan Maccoy.

“As the popularity and prevalence of tattoos have grown, safety education about dyes in the body has not,” said Maccoy. “Most American consumers don’t know the combination of hair dyes and body inks pose a very real health risk – including rashes, severe allergic reactions, scalp damage, scarring, blindness, anaphylactic shock, and more. It’s a clear public health risk.”    

Many may think they’ve had salon dye treatments — while already tatted — that they must be safe. Not true, says Maccoy. “These combination interactions have a latency factor, so just because the procedure goes seemingly without event, it does not mean that the reaction won’t manifest later.” Maccoy also corrected the misperception of thinking temporary or henna tattoos are “safe” when the latency factor for future medical ramifications is in full play.

The danger doesn’t stop there.

“Cosmetologists and tattoo artists are in greater danger!” says Maccoy. “They’re often inked and/or dyed more than the average American and – most importantly – they’re exposed to dyes all day long. In light of this high exposure to both dyes and tattoos, if they’re not adhering to strict safety protocols, they’re putting themselves at medical danger. I have yet to talk to one professional in either industry that is fully aware and diligently practicing safety around the dangerous combination of tattoos and dye-related salon treatments – for themselves or their clients.”

“It’s the dirty little secret in the industry and it’s got to stop,” she…

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