Survey Shows Majority of K-12 Educators Dedicate Extra Time to Their Jobs Year-round, Love ‘Lightbulb’ Moments, and Worry About Retirement

I devote most of my extra time to my school not because I have to, but because I truly want to.

The majority of K-12 educators and school employees spent a significant portion of their summer break continuing to work at their job or preparing for the upcoming school year, according to a survey conducted by LifeChanger of the Year and National Life Group.

More than 80% of all respondents indicated that they planned to dedicate at least part of the summer months to their job. Eighty-nine percent said they would continue to work at school, 88% expected to spend time preparing for next school year and 82% planned to participate in professional development activities related to their current position.

Respondents planned to spend nearly half (48%) of their time during the summer on these work-related activities while spending just 29% of their time on leisure activities. Other activities included volunteering (8%) and seasonal work not related to their education career (7%).

Dedicated to success and the ‘lightbulb’ moments

During the school year, 72 percent of educators say they invest more than five extra hours per week beyond the requirements of their job. When asked what makes them successful, educators top responses, in order, were 1) a desire to teach/help others, 2) patience, 3) empathy, 4) passion for the subject matter, and 5) a commitment to lifelong learning.

Comments from respondents indicate the high degree of dedication teachers have for their jobs and their students:

“I spend every weekend at school! I arrive to school two hours before students and many other teachers and stay after as well. I devote most of my extra time to my school not because I have to, but because I truly want to.”

“Many days throughout the week and on the weekend, I took time out of my spare time to work on things that would help in my classroom,” How many hours, I truly cannot say, but I have found that as an educator, my job does not end when the bell rings at the end of the day.”

When asked what they love most about being a teacher, administrator or employee in a K-12 school district, many respondents referred to what they call “lightbulb” moments when students make an academic breakthrough or become excited or…

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