Survey Finds Healthy Enterprise Datacenter Capacity, but Staffing Challenges Loom

Impact of Datacenter Personnel Skills Shortage on Future Spending

Despite ongoing consolidation worldwide and migration to public cloud, today’s datacenters are well-equipped to handle physical infrastructure requirements for the foreseeable future. Nearly 60% of organizations worldwide surveyed in 451 Research’s latest Voice of the Enterprise: Datacenter Transformation study said they have enough floor space and power capacity to last at least five years.

Further, while the total number of IT employees is expected to decline over the coming 12 months, most organizations said the number of personnel dedicated to datacenter and facility tasks will stay the same or increase. This solid outlook was most often attributed to overall business growth (63% of respondents), but more than a third of organizations also pointed to demand from project-driven growth.

As a result of these demands, 73.7% of organizations said that recruiting for datacenter and facilities is at least moderately difficult. Respondents pointed to three common reasons: current candidates lack skills and experience, salary asking prices are too high, and a lack of candidates in the organization’s region.

“The good news is many organizations are not facing a datacenter and facilities skills shortage at this time,” said Christian Perry, Research Manager and lead analyst of 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise: Datacenter Transformation. “Those who do have recruitment challenges say they most often train existing staff to learn new skills due to the dearth of available talent.”

Only 19.2% of the surveyed organizations facing these skills shortages said they would use managed service providers to fill the gaps. While this limits the opportunity for traditional MSPs and infrastructure vendors to offer value-added services, it creates opportunities for them to assist customers with training, for example providing education on eco-friendly HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) technologies.

Similarly, only 20.5% of the organizations that face skills shortages plan to move spending to public cloud, compared with 42% that said spending will not be impacted by those shortages, and 32.1% that said they will spend more on talent. However, 451…

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