Surgery can help you stop your snoring habit

Snoring, what is it?

Snoring basically is a syndrome that stops you to breathe normally by decreasing the air flow during sleeping. It is a common condition which can affect anyone. Snoring gets worse with age. Mostly snoring occurs in men and the people who are over weight.

Is it a serious Problem?

Snoring usually is not very serious but it can annoy your bed partner, but if you are a habitual snorer you may disrupt your bed partner which can irritate them. It not only disturbs your partner but also impair your sleeping quality. So to get a good sleep at night, medical assistance is often needed for habitual snorer.

What causes snoring?

When the flow of air through the mouth and nose is obstructed then snoring occurs. Air flow can be obstructed by several factors like: Obstructed Nasal Airways, Poor muscle tone in the mouth and tongue, Bulky throat tissue and long soft palate.

Does Snoring Affect Our Health?

Habitual snorer can be at risk, and also have health problem including sleep apnea. Snoring is a syndrome of sleep apnea. Usually people with sleep apnea snores loudly, grunt or struggle with breathing. Sleep apnea can create several problems including:

Long Interruption of Breathing [more than 10 sec]

Frequently walking from sleep

Light Sleeping: People with sleep apnea, sleep lightly to keep their throat muscle tense enough to maintain air flow.

Strain on the Heart: It can also affect your heart, it often results high blood pressure which can also cause enlargement of heart which causes heart attack and stroke.

Poor Night’s Sleep

Surgery to Stop Snoring:

If you or your bed partner is not sleeping well because of your snoring, then visiting a doctor might help you. Fix an appointment with a doctor who is experience ENT. Doctors will first evaluate your problem then starts the treatment depending upon your level of snoring, and if requires they will do surgery to stop snoring which is affecting you and your bed partner’s life.

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