Surgeon’s sketch suggests 2 gunmen killed JFK

A fascinating drawing by the surgeon who tried to save John F. Kennedy’s life could sensationally prove Kennedy was shot by two different gunmen.

Dr. Robert McClelland held JFK’s head as he went into theater at Parkland Hospital after he was gunned down while traveling through Dallas, Texas, in an open-top convertible in 1963.

Nothing could be done to save the President and he died, aged just 46, 20 minutes after arrival, sparking an unprecedented outpouring of grief across America.

McClelland later drew a rudimentary sketch of the right side of Kennedy’s head and noted the entrance and exit wounds of the bullets, supposedly fired by lone assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.

The surgeon noted two different entrance wounds – one low in the neck and one at his hairline – which crucially came from different directions, suggesting there were two separate shooters.

He noted that the horrific fatal wound to the back of the President’s head was from a bullet exiting the skull rather than entering it.

This is in conflict to the lone gunman theory as Oswald was behind Kennedy’s motorcade when he fired the shots from the sixth floor of a book depository building.

President John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas, Texas while riding through the city in a motorcade in 1963.Getty Images

McClelland has previously questioned the conclusion of the Warren Commission report into the assassination, which found that Oswald acted alone.

The respected surgeon’s drawing, which has been put up for auction, appears to support the theory that a second shooter stood on the grassy knoll in front of the motorcade.

McClelland’s sketch, which he signed, shows a large four to five inch exit wound at the back of JFK’s head.

This, he suggests, correlates to an entry wound at Kennedy’s hairline, although he admits he didn’t see that wound properly.

Yet, he is adamant that he saw “clearly” another entry wound low in the neck.

McClelland believed the first bullet hit Kennedy in…

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