Summer Safety Tips and Products

Everyone loves summertime, and being mindful of summer safety is the best way to make the season even more enjoyable. As you gear up for the warmer weather, longer days and much anticipated family vacations, take a moment to review these suggestions and DIY products that will help keep your family happy and safe during the summer months.

Pool Safety

Make your pool a safer place for your children, guests and pets by equipping it with the right safety devices. Adult supervision at poolside is the #1 way to prevent drownings, but it’s important to also add other layers of protection.

  • Begin by securing the pool area with a gate alarm on the pool fence which will alert you when someone on the outside enters the pool area.
  • Next, install a door alarm on all interior doors that lead to the pool area. As soon as a child or someone else opens the back door, a loud alarm will sound.
  • A pool alarm will alert you if a person or pet falls into the water. There are different types of pool alarms — some are for above-ground pools only and others work best in in-ground pools. Many pool alarms activate when the surface of the water is disturbed. Families of young children and pets often prefer the wristband type of pool alarm that activates if the wearer falls into the water. Choose the pool alarm that meets your needs best.

BBQ Grill Safety

Barbecuing is a favorite summer pastime. Even non-cooks enjoy flipping burgers on the backyard BBQ grill!  Whether you use a charcoal, gas or propane BBQ grill, remember that there is always the risk of food poisoning and accidental fires when you are cooking or eating outside. Here are a few tips for safe grilling and outdoor dining:

  • The best way to prevent food borne illness is through proper food handling and storage. Refrigerate or freeze raw meats and poultry immediately when you get home from the market. Thaw frozen meats slowly in the refrigerator or place the package in cold water. Marinate meats in the refrigerator and not on the countertop.
  • Cook meats thoroughly to destroy harmful bacteria. Use a laser infrared surface thermometer to get an instant temperature reading of your preheated grill. A digital probe thermometer will take the guesswork out of checking meat or poultry for doneness.
  • For recommended temperatures and other outdoor cooking tips, use this handy Fact Sheet on Barbecue and Food Safety published by the USDA.
  • To prevent accidental grill fires, never use your BBQ…

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