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Bring out the flags! Fire up the grill! Strike up the band!

July 4 is a celebration we can all rally ‘round.

And wasn’t it thoughtful of our founding fathers to declare our independence during the summer when the whole country is blooming with delicious produce. Shop at either of Fullerton’s farmers’ markets (or both), and summer beckons: sweet fresh cherries and corn, tender melons and leafy greens, and my favorite, luscious peaches.

On my last trip to the Thursday afternoon market on Wilshire Avenue – Fullerton’s Wednesday morning market is on Valencia Drive – the Farm Fresh to You booth caught my eye. What a concept – a box of fresh organic produce delivered to your door.

The company was started in 1976 by farmers Kathleen Barsati and Martin Barnes, who started with a 100-acre farm at UC Davis. It now partners with more than 20 farmers from Sacramento to San Diego, company rep Austin Hitzeman told me.

“All are first- and second-generation, family owned farms,” he said. “We do 90,000 deliveries per week in California.”

You can choose your own customized box from four sizes: small ($26), regular ($33), “more” ($46) and “monster” ($58).

“You don’t have to sign a contract, and you can cancel after the first delivery,” he said. “We deliver at night between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. – we don’t want to leave it in the sun.

“When you make your selections, there is an info button that tells you about the farm for each item, so you can trust the people who are growing your food and you know where your produce is coming from,” Hitzeman explained.

Farm Fresh to You sells more than just fruits and vegetables, he noted. “We have snack items, and this summer we’ll have grass-fed beef and organic chicken. We sell five different types of eggs partnering with Strauss, a local dairy farm.”

And, yes, there are those luscious, juicy peaches, sure to find their way to my holiday table.


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