Subaru Impreza: Staying Ahead in the Compact Segment

Subaru Impreza, the compact automobile manufactured since 1992 by the Japanese company Fuji Heavy Industries, has come a long way.

The auto company production line now has the Fourth generation edition of this model unveiled in 2011 at the New York International Auto Show.

The fourth generation Subaru Impreza, also called Subaru XV, is available in two body styles – 4-door sedan and 5-door hatchback; and three different engines – 1.6 LH4 and 2.0 LH4 both gasoline and 2.0 LH4 turbocharger diesel.

Transmission options are 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual, and CVT automatic.

Positive Performance Review

Best Cars, a website of U.S. Rankings and Reviews, ranks the 2014 Impreza 14 out of 20 Affordable Small Cars. The pluses of this car are roomy cabin and the standard all-wheel drive. The area where experts need improvement is a bit more power on the highway.

Subaru performance for the WRX model is particularly good with turbocharged engine, and in all trims Subaru Impreza does very well in delivering a stable feel with excellent steering and braking.

Here, a mention must be made about Subaru EyeSight System, a relatively low cost suite of driver assistance technologies that helps in enhancing driving safety in various ways.

This system is available in various Subaru models, including Subaru Impreza.

What exactly is EyeSight?

This system uses an assortment of functions to help the driver in making decisions in order to provide for more safe and comfortable driving, and also reduce driver fatigue.

The system has stereo cameras that process stereo images and spot-out vehicles in front, obstacles, traffic lanes, and others.  As and when a situation arises, the system activates, breaks, or reduces the throttle to minimize chances of collision or an accident.

The system has the following five functions:

1. Adaptive cruise control and lead vehicle start alert: This function merges the advantages of cruise control with active monitoring of road ahead and issues warnings and applies…

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