Stroke victim walks across America again and again to inspire others – Orange County Register

For every person who walks across this vast continent, crosses our diamond deserts, our mighty mountains, our rivers wide there is a story of perseverance, hope, courage — but there is a deeper story as well.

Mycle Brandy, now 66, has four such stories about walking to inspire others.

Hobbled by a series of strokes, with cane in hand he’s made it from Newport Beach to Washington, D.C., from San Diego to Seattle, from Maine to Miami, from Portland to Wyoming — a trek cut short when his support pal’s wife fell ill.

On Saturday, June 24, Brandy will leave Rockaway Beach in Oregon and, if all goes according to plan, this retired glazier next spring will wade into the Atlantic Ocean in Rockaway, N.Y.

His travels are filled with adventure, even danger. But mostly they are filled with the beauty of man, the wonders of the natural world and are the stuff of Woody Guthrie lyrics, “I went walking that ribbon of highway / and saw above me that endless skyway.”

But then there is Brandy’s deeper story, a story about a former bouncer and soul singer who lived the razor’s edge before he figured out how…

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