Striving to be a Sucessful Jewelry Designer

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 “Striving to be a successful Jewelry Designer”

Life as a jewelry designer can be quite an adventure. I have been designing jewelry for four years now and never expected that this would be my second occupation. On this escapade of life you never know what to expect. I would have never imagined that I would be a professional jewelry designer.Eventhough, I have many thoughts of owning my own boutique one day soon this is my number one priority goal to be a successful small business owner. In this society today it’s very hard to balance family life, main occupation, taking care of the entire household responsibilities, and in general the stresses that life brings. It takes a whole lot of patience, and drive to want to be successful in everything that you are trying to accomplish. I will demonstrate the steps that I have taken to be a successful Artisan in the Jewelry making field. This story will get more interesting as we move along.

I ask myself what makes a Jewelry Designer unique. The answer to that question would be a person that has a talent to be creative in developing a remarkable design without even thinking about it. When a craft person is being creative there are no boundaries of what to expect. The outcome will be a beautiful thing. I am totally in my own world and zone when I am designing jewelry and sometimes I shock myself when I am finished. I personally think that everyone has something that they are good at doing, but what we don’t realize is that anything can be turned into a business. You have to be productive and dedicated to whatever you are trying to accomplish and importantly have a plan and sticking to it.

Pictures are a great way to document your work. Now that I have been doing this for a while now I have come to realize that by saving my original photos of my early creations, I can see how my designs have improved over time. Wow what great improvements have I made. I started off making jewelry on stretchable material .Later upgraded to using wire. Over time I gradually investigated and read a jewelry making book to educate myself on the materials used and tools that are needed to create things .Next, I watched videos on the famous You tube of How to make necklaces, bracelets etc… I taught myself these things without going to workshops hands on experience only. Guess what you can do it to. Keep reading.

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