Strategies to Avoid Back Pain at Work

A common complaint among people in the workplace is recurring back pain. Some people simply shrug, assuming that back pain is an avoidable part of the workaday world. The fact is that specific strategies exist that assist a person in avoiding back pain at work.

Stand, Stretch, Walk

Many 21st century workers spend the greater part of their days staring down a computer screen. Sitting at a desk for an extended period of time is a major cause of temporary back pain and even permanent back damage. Perhaps the most important strategy to employ to avoid back pain at work is regularly standing, stretching and walking. A healthy living report in “US News and World Report” recommends that a person stand up from his or her work station at least twice an hour, stretch and walk.

Relieve Stress

Oftentimes, neck and back pain generates from stress. No workplace is ever an utterly stress free environment. Dealing with the stress and pressures of a workplace has a variety of physical, emotional and mental health benefits, including the avoidance of back pain. When tension or stress levels appear to be rising in the workplace, step away from the scene for a moment and engage in some sort of relaxation activity. Such an activity can be as simple as sitting in quiet room with eyes closed for short period of time.

Sleep Properly

Some work related back pain actually is aggravated by the manner in which a person sleeps. Taking corrective measures regarding the way a person’s sleeps can aid in avoiding back pain at work. The key to ensuring proper sleep, and avoiding back pain, is the use of a proper mattress. Something is to be said for the admonition in “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” A bed mattress cannot be too hard, nor to soft. A pillow should be large and firm enough to support not only a sleeper’s head but his or her upper back as well.

Exercise Regularly

A strong back is less likely to be an aching one. A person intent on an overall healthy life, and who desires to avoid back pain at work, needs to engage in a regular exercise or fitness routine. An exercise program designed in part to stave off back pain needs to include not only strength training but stretching as well. A person who wants to ward off back pain should consider seriously exercising at least three times a week for about 30 to 45 minutes each session.

Mind Meals

What a person eats also contributes to his or her ability to avoid back pain at work. A diet rich in calcium and vitamin K (found in green…

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