Strapless Prom Dresses a Call for Elegance

The strapless dress brings out the sophistication and elegance of a woman. Whether you are wearing the sweetheart neckline or the straight neckline, this elegant dress will highlight your curves and accentuate your unique style. Let us help you pick your elegance by showing how many kinds of strapless dresses are available at your disposal.

Throne Dresses
Strapless throne dresses are perfect for hourglass shapes, petite shapes and tall slender body shapes. The strapless throne dress accentuates the curves and falls loose towards the end of the dress. Some of the dresses are floor-length, and other strapless throne dresses are short and ends above the knees. If you are petite, the shorter throne dresses will suit your shape. However, if you are very tall and slim, the long floor-length dresses will work well for you.

High Low Dresses
High low strapless dresses are a new trend in elegant prom dresses. A typical dress extends above the knees in the front and falls long in the back of the dress. Some high low dresses are also floor-length in the back. This type of dress looks great on petite, athletic and slim shapes. The high low strapless dresses come in different designs and styles. You may notice high waist embellished dresses with chiffon skirts. There are two-piece dresses that resemble the typical high low dress, but you can choose to wear the shawl that covers the dress and extends low in the back. Also, you can remove the shawl and wear the ensemble as a short mini skirt.

Ruffled Layers
The strapless prom dresses with ruffled layers are sassy yet elegant. You may notice the hand-beaded styles and sequin designs near the bust area and the waist as well as the full layered skirt attached to the waist.

Short Minis
Short mini strapless prom dresses are great for most body shapes. Sequin, hand beaded and chiffon mini dresses are popular this season. Consider wearing short mini dresses with high sandal pumps.

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