Strangers band together, using cell phones and pursuit cars, to tail lost dog in Orange – Orange County Register

Fifteen people from the Orange community, mostly strangers, banded together this week to save a dog on the run who several times narrowly missed being hit by traffic.

The dog is a young German Shepherd-chow mix the rescue group named Bullet for her tendency to speed away in a straight line when approached. She was rescued late Tuesday, Sept. 12, after being loose for at least a week.

The pup’s champions connected through a Facebook page run by Orange resident and animal rescuer Erin Sanders. The capture team included local animal lovers and professionals including expert tracker Mike Noon and Tiffany Norton, founder of Coastal German Shepherd Rescue OC.

“I think she was partly relieved to have it be over,” Sanders said.

Bullet was dog-tired by the time the group caught up with her, and for good reason – sightings posted on social media had her covering a massive amount of ground over the last week, from one end of the city to the other.

Many of those posting sightings started to coordinate a rescue effort.

By the night Bullet was caught, the group was well-organized, communicating through conference calls with multiple pursuit vehicles and support from the Orange Police Department, California Highway Patrol and OC Animal Care. Signs posted around the city prompted a stream of phone calls from residents, which helped to pinpoint the pooch.

It was a harrowing pursuit, with Bullet getting on to the freeway at one point and weaving through traffic caused by the Angel’s game. At last, the rescue team cornered the dog near the Theo Lacy Facility on City Drive, where Bullet hit a dead end.

When she turned an barreled back toward the group, the team caught her with a slip-leash.

Sanders said she was impressed with the dedication and passion the community showed for an animal that wasn’t connected to any of them.

“We were all strangers before Tuesday, and I think some…

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