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Victor a Condo here in Naples Florida we’re we are bracing for the brunt of hurricane Irma so many people actually. Left the southeast coast of Florida Miami Dade Broward county and made their way over here to the West Coast and southwest Florida think may be able void it. With the latest models now we know it’s heading in this direction. Lot of concerns here as far as. Catastrophic Wayne and storm surge that’s what they’re really worried about in the Naples area so a number of evacuations that’s been increased are also opening up. A lot more shelters here in the air to make room for all these people were now seeking safety. The chief for the Naples fire department says that at this point it’s not safe to drive out of the state of all the is enough gas in traffic it’s will be an issue to your best bet. Is actually to go toward of those shelters are opening up a lot more. Throughout the day as hurricane Irma approaches for us and my crew we’ll be riding this out at a hotel as we just pulled up to the hotel. Which on these guys and they will actually be driving. Right into the storm that’s what they do let’s meet the real quick name. And Bart cops are Comstock and Jason Dooley Jason Cooley and playground artfully front let’s start. With you your. First what it plans that we as who would do. So we’re gonna try to get into the I have this thing right now there’s little bit of uncertainty where the exact location and size the music comes on. Models denouncing Al east west we’re pretty confident that in the Naples Fort Myers area. Separate. Us here kind of ready to go no matter which way this thing does absolutely you know we’ve got chased him here we have everything we needing gas food water. That way as the guy starts for march or we can adjust accordingly we’re gonna use the hotel the base. Ourselves but we’re probably not until there. Where you guys there for. Are being for example histories these part of the country well you have the three of us were actually in Texas for over a week and we covered Texas from. The hurricane landfall from Harvey and also the floods in Houston so you guys were in pour the vodka you guys were in Corpus Christi I was…

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