Stopping Drinking – 3 Important Things to Remember

1) Do whatever it takes

Always remember that quitting drinking is probably the most important step in your life. Why? Because this means a complete change in your lifestyle, behaviour, social life, health condition, job, family… Actually, in every area of your life. A complete change. It makes you not only feel different, but stopping using alcohol switches your mind, soul and body to another state. It is well known that the alcohol withdrawal symptoms could be drastic, also in the beginning when you are sober only for some weeks or months you could probably feel as in a deadlock. But all those bad feelings eventually goes away, and then you see everything different – your dreams come true, your family members start to love and respect you much more, you experience success in your career and you finally find out what are the most important things in your life.

2) Reward yourself

As mentioned before, it’s fully understandable that drinking cessation is not at all an easy process. To feel better and to celebrate your first success in this unpleasant journey, try to reward yourself. This doesn’t  mean that you need to find a ‘new addiction’ instead of your drinking activities. It will be great if you just, for example, saved the money you would normally spend buying drinks at the bar, and use it to do something you have dreamt of for a long time – buy some new clothes, change your style and appearence a bit to fit your new lifestyle, please your closest people with something cute, or probably save even more money and finally buy that car you have ever wanted!

3) Find like-minded people

For some people, most probably the biggest obstacle in quitting drinking is their drinker friends. Actually, you need to treat them and their habits from a negative point of view when you are trying to quit this destructing behaviour pattern. Some of us will just ignore our friends’ calls on Friday night when they’re trying to pull us out of the home for a drink,…

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