Steps To Plan A Graduation Party

After years of studying at your college, you have finally reached graduation day, which is one of the most important days in your life. With a lot of your friends and family eager to congratulate your accomplishment, you definitely hope to plan a great graduation party so that they can celebrate with you.

However, to have a successful event, you need to be well-organized and creative.

Following are some steps to help you plan the perfect graduation party.

1. Choose a date and time for the party

Deciding the venue and time of the party is usually the most difficult task. However, whatever you choose, you need to consider your guests and family because they may have their own plans, too. Therefore, you should find a date that will be flexible for graduates. You can throw your party when all of your guests are in town to celebrate with you. A ballroom in a fancy hotel in the evening is an interesting idea. Or a party on a nearby beach in the afternoon may also please your guests. Even your backyard, a local park, a restaurant and a campground all are great options for location.

2. Make a guest list and send invitation

After deciding on the date and venue, the next step is creating a guest list. You can limit the guests to your friends and family and do a half-and-half party: one half for your relatives and close family friends and the other for your pals. This will give you a chance to mingle with everyone so that no one will feel left out.

Depending on the party, you can hand handwritten invitations out at school or send electronic invitations. Remember to include the date, time and venue of the party so that your guests can arrive on time.

3. Decide on a menu

When you plan a menu, you should keep the age of the partygoers in mind to choose proper foods and drinks. However, you should make your menu reflect your party’s theme. To do this, you can make the foods yourself to save money. Or you can have a company cater your event so that you will have much more time to mingle with your friends instead of slaving over food. However, this way might cost more, but there is still another option for you: ordering dessert from a local bakery and meats, fruits and vegetables from a grocery store. It will save not only your prep time but also money.

4. Plan decorations

Decorations can easily be found at party supply stores with tons of choices: tablecloths, crepe paper, posters, etc. There are two decorating choices for your graduation party: one is…

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