Stephen Colbert’s controversial Trump comments

Stephen Colbert may crack a few jokes at President Donald Trump’s expense on Sunday when he hosts the 69th annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

“We are storytellers: The story we are telling is what happened on television this year,” he told Variety in a story published this week. “It’s not a political monologue, but you can’t keep politics out of it, because politics was the biggest TV story this year.”

“The Late Show” host has frequently criticized the president — but not everyone has found his quips funny. Below are some notable remarks Colbert has made about Trump. 

“Homophobic” remark — May 2017

Colbert came under fire after making a lewd joke about Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

As part of a May 1 episode, Colbert included clips of Trump speaking with CBS journalist John Dickerson. In one, Trump said that he refers to “Face the Nation” as “Deface the Nation.”


“Mr. Trump, your presidency? I love your presidency. I call it ‘Disgrace the Nation,’” Colbert said, launching into a rant.

He eventually made a R-rated joke about Putin and Trump that was accused of being homophobic, with critics using the hashtag #FireColbert on Twitter.

Colbert addressed the issue on the show May 3, explaining he had been “a little upset with Donald Trump for insulting a friend of mine.”

“So while I would do it again, I would change a few words that were cruder than they needed to be,” he said. “Now, I’m not going to repeat the phrase….

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