Stephen Colbert discusses Louis C.K. allegations: ‘I feel dumb’

Stephen Colbert hasn’t had a lot to say about the recent allegations against his longtime friend Louis C.K. to date. However, he briefly touched upon the now disgraced comedian’s sexual harassment allegations during an event on Saturday.

Colbert was hosting this year’s guest of honor at the Montclair Film Festival, Samantha Bee, when the topic turned to C.K. and the conversations surrounding sexual assault in Hollywood.

“I feel dumb… I’m not surprised that men are bad but… I didn’t know about Louis C.K.,” he told Bee and the crowd, per Deadline. “I didn’t even know about Cosby! And that’s dumb.”

Colbert had a unique experience when the New York Times published a story about the comedian being accused of sexual misconduct by at least five women. C.K. later admitted that the accusations were true. Colbert not only worked with C.K. in the past, but was scheduled to interview him on “The Late Show” the day after the report surfaced.

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