Shares 5 Colors of Shoes Worn by Rich Women

Psychologists are sure that people, choosing shoes, sometimes unconsciously share certain information about themselves. A shoe model, color, and even the heel height may tell much about the owner’s character, social status, ambitions, mood and even dreams. has developed its own research, highlighting the top five color preferences of a rich woman. You are welcome to get acquainted with the findings of the research and find out everything about the most popular color of shoes worn by successful women.

  • Black: The leader of our investigation has become the black color of shoes. And it is not surprising. First of all, it is classics that will never be out of fashion. And the second reason is that a lot of rich women are business ladies who have to spend much time visiting conferences. Being the icon of style, black shoes have become a must for each woman.

The magic of black color, as well as the secret of their success and popularity, is that it has a lot of functions. It is the number one choice when a woman must look official. Moreover, compared to other colors it is the most practical one. If you have high-quality real leather shoes, they will serve you faithfully for many years. Sure, that this is not the main criterion for rich females, however, it can’t be ignored.

Ladies from high society prefer this shoe color not only for attending formal meetings. Having free time, like any other representatives of the fair sex, they like visiting night clubs and organize parties, where cocktail dress in a combination of the black high heels looks very sexy.

  • Red: The second most frequently chosen color is red. Perhaps, the reason is that it has been always associated with the passion and love. Two strong emotions, which accompany most women during the whole life. It looks great with the same color bag or at least gloves, which are a must accessory for rich women. As for the red color, women prefer wearing such shoes for some special occasions or dates as they attract much attention and don’t suit formal business lunches.
  • Pastel: A lot of rich women prefer not to stand out, at least in their daily life. And for this purpose, the ideal variant is some pastel color shoes. Moreover, this color suit all clothes, which makes it really versatile. When a woman doesn’t want to make an accent on her…

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