Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico: What You Need To Know

Stem cell therapy is witnessing a change in treating the stem cells and benefitting thousands of patients with biotechnology. These were diseases that were regarded to be incurable, but are now responding to therapies like stem cell and are restoring quality life to patients. Overview of Stem Cells Stem cells appear in the body and responds to few signals when faced with a disease or injury. This is also due to aging that the stem cells decrease in numbers, but stem cell therapies can rejuvenate aged tissues slowly. The stem cell has two properties: • Potency- Precisely, it can differentiate into specialized cell types such as they arise to become mature cell type. In fact, multipotent cells are also known as stem cells. • Self-renewal- The ability to undergo various cell division cycle besides retaining the undifferentiated state. Stem cells are found in multi-cellular organisms and feature dividing through mitosis. These specialized cell types are diverse and can renew into more stem cells.

There are two stem cell types in mammals, embryonic stem cells featuring isolated from inner cell mass and adult stem cells found in tissues. However, in adult organisms, the stem and progenitor cells replenish adult tissues and are the repair system of the body. Stem Cells averts Aging Aging is the result of progressive stem cells depletion and thereby the new stem cells slow down or are in reverse process. These cells possess anti-aging effect by enhancing immune function and this helps in repairing and regenerating organs and toxins. Your body is stronger and is resistant to disease using its own stem cells. However, with the age, there is a decline in the production of stem cell and this gives leaves less power to repair ageing damage. However, stem cell therapy in Mexico can assist in reversing this process. The powerful solutions

• The recent medical literature believes that adult stem cells including brain, muscles, heart and liver have plasticity to repair…

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