Steam Process of Roasting Deemed unfit for Gourmet Coffee

Coffee beans are to be roasted with perfection using special methods to instill the palatable taste and distinct aroma. There are several methods used to roast the beans, however, the signature taste and aroma of gourmet coffee is not only dependent of the roasting process of beans, but also on the type of the beans used. Therefore, only Arabica beans are used in making of gourmet coffee.

The cultivation process of these beans is also different from that of the ordinary beans. The altitude at which these beans are grown also makes an important factor for their rich taste and aroma. Organic method of farming is used to cultivate the beans, and thus no or minimum quantity of chemical based fertilizers and pesticides are used. This ensures the beans are not contaminated with the harmful chemicals and thus retains maximum nutritional values.

The harvesting process of the beans to be used in making of gourmet coffee is also different. Normally, dried beans are also picked. Over ripe beans are also picked and used for further processing. However, in case of Arabica beans, used to make gourmet coffee, only properly ripe beans are used. These are handpicked and are also double checked to ensure only best quality beans are used to make gourmet coffee.

There are three major processes of roasting Arabica beans. Conduction, steam method and convection process. Convection and conduction methods are not used for roasting of Arabica beans, as it leads to large scale evaporation of coffee oil. The steam process is used but is not deemed fit for the purpose. The reason behind it is the fact that the vessel used in the process can burst anytime during the process and thus is not suitable for small scale commercial purpose as well as for home usage.

The beans do lose a considerable amount of oil during the steam process of roasting, which further make this process unsuitable for roasting of beans that is to be used in making of gourmet coffee. The desired colour of the beans is also not achieved using this process of roasting.

There are certain other factors that further add to make this process unfit for roasting of beans that are to be used in preparation of special coffee. Moreover, several new processes have been innovated and are successfully used to roast the Arabica beans. These processes use a mix of convection, conduction, convection and steam process. Moreover, special signature aroma is also added to provide the gourmet coffee, the palatable taste and rich flavour…

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