Stay Eco-Friendly With Green Roof Installation

With the rising cost of living, what could be more beneficial than installing a green roofing system in your home? In fact, it stands for some of the most recent developments in the roofing industry. As the name suggests, “green” roofs are all about placing plants over the top to keep buildings warm in winter and cool in summer. In summer, these plants absorb the sunlight and keep your house cool. Conversely, they keep your home insulated during winter. What’s more, they help lower pollution while disinfecting the air – something that’s very essential in the urban regions.

Everywhere, people are getting more conscious about environment protection and the long-term effects of global warming. Quite obviously, the whole world is looking for innovative ways to become more environments friendly. Today, these techniques are not just restricted to better fuel efficiency or recycling plastic bags. New construction techniques like green roof installation have also entered the “green” revolution. These shelters can be used for any building type – commercial, residential, industrial, institutional, or agricultural. They have numerous significant benefits to offer.

Energy efficiency

Eco-friendly roofs are far more energy efficient than conventional parapet installations. The improved insulation lowers heat level during summer, and the decreased energy conversion consequently cuts down greenhouse gas emissions.

Storm water

With these eco-friendly parapets, storm water overflow gets reduced. During the rainy season, excess water flow can easily flood ditches and damage estuaries and fish habitations. The plants hold some rainwater and return the rest to the environment through evaporation and transpiration.

Air purification

Due to living greeneries, the qualities of the air in cities get improved. The leaves of these plants absorb carbon dioxide and change it into oxygen; besides, they prevent dust particles from getting infused in the surrounding air. With purified air, the requirement of health care services will get reduced. This, in turn, results in cost savings for the individuals, as well as the governments.

Natural habitats

One more benefit with this roofing construction is that they offer habitats for insects, birds and other natural species. The rising construction work in the cities has caused many species to lose their native habitats. With this “green” rafter system, these species can once again find their home.


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