State Rep. Matt Manweller has faced sexual misconduct complaints from students

Records from two investigations show former students at Central Washington University complaining about the actions of their professor, Matt Manweller. Manweller is now a state representative.

In the summer of 2006, a political-science student at Central Washington University found herself at a bar with her professor — now state Rep. Matt Manweller.

The student, in an interview with an investigator hired by the school in 2012, recounted that Manweller had repeatedly suggested that they get drinks together. Feeling under pressure and expecting to need Manweller’s future letter of recommendation, the student said she reluctantly agreed to meet him at the Starlight Lounge in Ellensburg. She said she brought a friend to the meeting to be safe.

Records show that in separate interviews as part of an investigation, the two women generally agreed about what happened next: Manweller ordered drinks and began asking his student about her sex life. Then he propositioned the two women to have a threesome.

The case is just one in a series of questions Manweller, 48, has faced about his interactions with female students during his time teaching political science at Central Washington, according to records newly obtained by The Seattle Times under public-disclosure law. Since joining the university in 2003, Manweller has been investigated twice for allegations of sexually harassing students, including the previously unreported investigation involving the woman and her friend at the bar.

Manweller, R-Ellensburg, denied the allegations and criticized the university’s handling of the investigations. He also questioned the motives and timing of his accusers: The initial investigation was launched as he was making his first run for the Legislature.

“I’ve never propositioned a student,” Manweller told the Times. “I’ve never offered a student a grade or anything in exchange for a sexual favor.”

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