Star Wars — should we even care anymore?

Star Wars is a guaranteed money-making film franchise for Disney. Like an enormous Star Destroyer looming over every other film or franchise it’s up against on any opening day, it’s as close to a sure thing you can get in entertainment investments. The question here, however – with Disney, and more specifically with Kathleen Kennedy’s steering and the evolving face of film, audiences and technology – is, should we still care?

Since George Lucas handed off his cultural behemoth in 2012, Disney has sought to expand its merchandising capabilities to the far reaches of the universe, as well as expanding the commercial brand to include entire theme parks based on the films and even hotel guest experiences not unlike that of “Westworld,” where guests participate in their own “Star Wars Story.”

But the tree is only as strong as its roots, the roots being the films both Disney has acquired and the films Disney produces.

One would think the legacy of the original trilogy is intact and untouchable. But a series of creative controversies of late have plagued the franchise as it attempts to not only branch off with a new trilogy, but conjure up a commercialized nostalgia by milking whatever they can with spin-off films of older beloved…

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