Standards and Best Practices in Quality Assurance China Has Adopted

Quality assurance is the processes and checks implemented to ensure that the quality and purpose of the desired product or service are completely fulfilled. It is different than Quality Control, as quality control focuses just on the final output, but quality assurance is a systematic approach applied at every step of the way to ensure that not only the final outcome is successful, but the entire process to obtain that output is also optimized.

There are basically two principles around quality assurance: “Fit for Purpose” which means that the final product/service should suitably and safely fulfill its final purpose of use; and “Right first time”, which ensures that there are not a lot of cycles of trial and errors before getting the final product.

Importance of QA

Implementing Quality Assurance is not only important for the consumers of the end products, but also significant for their manufacturers and sellers if they want to maintain their brand image and trust in the market. QA processes include implementing checks and quality restrictions in each and every phase of raw material acquisition, assembly line, machinery parts and supplements used, time and resources employed, safety and hygiene of production and overall process management.

The steps of quality assurance China has adopted, enables them to produce assembly line products at extremely large scales while still enforcing international quality standards.

Challenges Faced

Though there are a few scenarios which raise questions about the QA standards adopted by large scale industries in China. There have been some cases in the international market which lead to believe that the end products might not have been properly tested or checked before exporting them from industries. But the integrity and trust of Chinese manufacturers is never doubted and they still remain one of the leading manufacturers of products in all categories, be it household items, clothes or machinery parts.

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