Squids from Space Arrive to Embrace Your Face

Squids from Space is Available Now on Steam Early Access

“Working direct with gamers on Squids from Space really helps drive decision making for features and future content.”

Today, Fun Bits announced that its latest title in development, SQUIDS FROM SPACE, an irreverent 1950s-styled PvP action-battle game, is now available to Play via Steam Early Access.

Playing as a Human military soldier, players can team-up and face-off against agro squishy creatures to save civilians and capture the elusive “Squid Brain,” in an intergalactic battle royale. The Humans can upgrade their physical firepower by recycling metal, saving people and unlocking crates of new offensive guns, fabulous flamethrowers, artillery, grenades and life-saving medi-gel. Humans must work together to protect Earth, before the next wave of Squids start snatching their people up.

Playing as a Squid, gamers control human-grabbing cephalopods that have descended upon Earth in glassy “squid bowls” that can hop-n-plop into various alien machinery. The Squids are on a mission to quickly gather as much metal and meat as possible, in order to upgrade weaponry and multiply. Squids beam onto the battlefield with resource-grabbing harvesters, nimble bipedal power-suits, and laser-blasting crawler tanks. Whenever their ride is destroyed, Squids can roll-out and jump upon the head of an unsuspecting human, to take-over their body and continue the fight. As the Squids and Humans engage in all-out-war, the ultimate battle will be won by the team who captures the enemy’s leader the fastest.

“Squids from Space is a revolutionary shift for our studio, in that we are in active development while gamers and streamers are already playing and giving us direct feedback…

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