Spun Article Degrades Website’s Health

Article writing has been one of the most effective ways of promoting business on web. Nowadays these articles have conquered the web world in generating back links. Back links are the links from other websites pointing to yours. Back links act as a reference, people give for you and it should be natural to gain search engine ranking.

In a speed to promote our business and get ahead of our competitors, we generally forget that the path we are following may lead to degradation of our website. Many shortcuts are used to promote the business that leads to negative impression on major search engines like Google, yahoo and Bing. One of such acts is spinning of the article. Article spinning software is readily available on the web and they have ability to generate uncountable number of articles in a single day and all unique.

How do spun articles affect the website’ health-

Check on the originality

Spun articles are not original they are the duplicate versions of the real content. If you are caught with spun article with your company name, you will lose all your hard earned name and position in the market and there will be no way to escape from it.

Lose your existing traffic

It is a fact that spun article does not provide any additional information so, people do not bother to read the second similar article if they have gone through the original one earlier. By similar article, I mean with just the rotated content of the first one with no new thought. If you keep on spinning articles it is hard to get new site lovers and even you can lose the existing clients.

Search engines are hungry for fresh and quality content

Google, Yahoo and Bing will naturally come to you if you add content rich non-spun posts to your websites at a regular interval of time. This will promote your business with no effort. All you need to do is add content that is original and true to your words.

Search Engines will catch you easily

If you are duplicating the content, you are condensing the…

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