Spearhead, sword and cauldrons among ancient treasure trove discovered in the UK

Archaeologists in the U.K. have discovered a stunning trove of Iron Age artifacts that includes 11 cauldrons, a spearhead and an ancient sword.

The haul was uncovered by archaeologists from the University of Leicester at Glenfield Park, Leicestershire. Other items found include dress pins, a 3rd-century B.C. brooch and a cast copper alloy object known as a ‘horn cap’ that may have been part of ceremonial staff.

The hoard has delighted experts. “The discovery of the cauldrons at Glenfield Park is only the second find of multiple vessels of this type throughout all of Europe and is therefore of international significance,” explained John Thomas, the excavation project officer for University of Leicester Archaeological Services, in an email to Fox News. “CT-scanning has also revealed that one of the cauldrons is decorated with an early form of Celtic art known as the ‘vegetal style’, which features stems and leaves, and if proven by excavation will be one of only a handful of objects with this decoration from the U.K.”


The presence of the cauldrons could indicate that the site was once used…

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