Space sex sounds kind of gross

Looking for sex that’s out of this world?

As technology rapidly advances, the concept of humans living in space could be a reality in the near future. SpaceX chief Elon Musk recently announced he wants to colonize Mars, and Virgin Galactic wants to launch people into space for vacation in its new SpaceShipTwo vehicle.

If a honeymoon to mars becomes a thing, it’s comforting to know that having intercourse in space is definitely possible. But experts say lovers might need to get creative before they Big Bang across the galaxy.

“Because successful coitus for humans relies on gravity to achieve correct alignment and maintain contact with the participants’ genitals, its absence will pose a novel problem,” ob-gyn Kyrin Dunston tells Glamour. “In addition, the thrusting motions required for successful coitus will present unique reactions in the female, where she will be propelled away from her partner during coitus, making the act very difficult.”

In order to aid the process, couples may need to use some sort of device to stop partners from floating away from each other during sex.

“That could be a jungle gym–type apparatus that allows people to position themselves appropriately to a strap system that holds them together or clothing that accomplishes the same thing,” Dr. John Millis, a physicist and astronomer at Anderson University, told the magazine.” Imaginative minds will create something ingenious, I’m sure.”

The astronomer also suggested that while sex on earth tends to get a little steamy, sex in space would be disgustingly sweaty.

“If the motion is vigorous enough, [pools of sweat] could be ejected from the surface of the body,” Millis said. “This means that liquid would be pooling on the body, especially where there is contact with the other person. Also, the more they moved, pools of liquid would be flying off around the couple.”

Getting astro-naughty could also become a challenge in the arousal department….

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