South Hills Dental Arts Offers Jaw Pain Relief with Custom TMJ Treatment in Pittsburgh, PA

Drs. Steven Crandall, Karen Johnson and Kathy Lopez are now accepting new patients for temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, treatment in Pittsburgh, PA, and Upper St. Clair, PA, without a referral. The doctors address jaw pain and other symptoms by creating a customized plan for restoring the health of the temporomandibular joint and facial muscles that support it.

Jaw pain can be debilitating, and when the problem stems from the temporomandibular joints where the upper and lower jaw are connected, this is only one of the possible symptoms that a person may suffer. Patients often describe symptoms such as migraines, earaches and neck pain, as well. Those who clench or grind their teeth often have a much higher risk of developing temporomandibular joint disorders or TMD. Women may also be more susceptible to jaw disorders than men, and people who have suffered a physical trauma may develop TMD as a result.

Just as the risk factors and symptoms vary, there is a wide range of treatment methods that the team at South Hills Dental Arts may use to restore health to the joint and alleviate jaw pain. For example, some people may benefit from medication, while others may require a specially designed mouth appliance. Botox®, cortisone shots or trigger point manipulation are also common techniques for eliminating jaw pain caused by TMD. By analyzing the force of a patient’s bite, range of motion and pain history, the South Hills Dental Arts team is able to offer customized TMJ treatment in Pittsburgh, PA.

People can learn more about TMJ treatment plans that Dr. Crandall and his team provide to patients in Pittsburgh, PA, and Upper St. Clair, PA, from the South Hills Dental Arts website at At the Ingram Crafton location,…

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