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David Berkowitz terrorized New York City by killing six people and wounding seven others in seemingly random shootings from July 1976 to July 1977. In his first major TV interview in a decade and his only interview about the 40th anniversary of his arrest, Berkowitz — who is serving six consecutive life sentences — speaks out to CBS News correspondent Maurice DuBois about what led him to kill, his life before he turned into a murderer, and what his life is like in prison today.

NEW YORK MAYOR ABRAHAM BEAME [Press conference]: We ready?

CBS NEWS ANCHOR ROGER MUDD: That’s a question New Yorkers have been asking themselves a lot lately. Are we ready? For another blackout, or a bus hijacking, or a bombing or another murder by the .44 Caliber Killer.

MAYOR BEAME [press conference: I know that I’m not usually known for any public exhibitions of temper, but I want you to know I’m damned angry.

CBS NEWS ANCHOR ROGER MUDD: The city is preoccupied with the killer who in one note signed himself as “The Son of Sam.” … He is compelled to kill

MAN:  I think people are really shook up.

MAN: People won’t come out at night. They’re really scared

CARL DENARO | “SON OF SAM” SHOOTING VICTIM: The whole city was kind of like in lockdown. No one stayed out past 10 o’clock.


WOMAN [News report]: The girl was covered in blood.

ROBERT VIOLANTE | “SON OF SAM” SHOOTING VICTIM: “Oh my God, oh my God, we’ve been shot, we’ve been shot.” I should have been dead.

DENARO: I guess on one hand I was happy to be alive. A lot of people died from the same gun.

ROGER MUDD | CBS NEWS: He struck again over the weekend, shooting a young couple in a Brooklyn lover’s lane and today the girl died. The killer’s sixth victim. He’s wounded seven others.

WOMAN: It’s just scary, it’s frightening. When you’re walking, people just look over their shoulder.

MAN: That’s all they do, is talk about, the killer.

ROGER MUDD | CBS NEWS: He walks up to strangers, usually couples in parked cars, and shoots them with a large bore revolver.

REPORTER: Police say they are no where near solving the case.

JOHN KEENAN | CHIEF OF DETECTIVES: If you’re asking whether we have any indication of who he is or where he might be, the answer is no.

NEYSA MOSKOWITZ | VICTIM’S MOTHER: To do this to a young girl and a young boy, he’s not human.

SAM ROBERTS | FORMER CITY EDITOR, NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: He was writing about a dog that talked to him and gave him orders to…

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